Often thoughts are forgotten. There are things that I would like to remember but then again there are things I would like to forget. I guess that’s normal in life. I am aware that social media is really the way to go if you want to put your thoughts out there and you actually want people to really read them. I chose to simply create this website and anonymously write about my past, present and future. I doubt I will have any real readers. I am also not the most perfect in grammar. I should brush up on proper punctuation and sentence structure. I am the first to admit I am not perfect. Don’t you hate people who think they are always perfect?

The reason for this website. Hmm well. Again, I am not perfect. Also other people are not perfect either. No one is perfect. We each have our flaws and weaknesses. We also have a good and strong points. I set up this website mainly to reflect on things that happened in my past. Also to write about the present and the future. Life seems to be pretty unfair to many. Everyone has had their rough periods. Mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. I had a long stretch of mental issues, either self inflicted or maybe done by others. Either way, I am still here to write and create. I created this website in hopes of simply writing down what has happened to me, what I am currently doing and what I will do in the future. I would also like to improve my grammar and expressing myself through words.